Air Comfort MS Clean Air Service Agreements

Air Comfort MS Clean Air Service Agreements

 A qualified Technician will Clean And Inspect your comfort system to ensure that it is in the best possible condition for the upcoming cooling or heating season. Air Comfort will discuss any deficiencies with you, and make repair unless you decline. Parts and labor For these repairs will be in addition to Service Agreement charges.

Services provided will be as follows:

Multi Point inspection & Service

              * Clean or replace filters. (customer provides replacement filters)          * Inspect Electrical controls/contacts.

              * Clean Indoor evaporator, and outdoor condenser coils.                       * Check/clean condensate drain lines for proper drainage.

              * Check for signs of inadequate air flow                                                  * Clean burners and vent of any debris.

              * Check for proper air temperature drop across evaporator coils.           * Clean Blower wheel, and fan blade as needed.           

              * Check for any indication of a refrigerant leak.                                       * Check for Proper Voltage, and Amp draw.

              * Tighten any lose electrical connections.                                                * Check Overall  condition for safety and efficiency.                                             

Agreement Benefits include:

* Lower Utility Bills * Clean Air quality * No Tripp Charges * Priority Emergency Service * Longer Equipment Life

Agreement pricing as follows:

Annual Agreement          Twice Yearly Agreement


* Single unit comfort system ............. $125.00                          $ 90.00 Each visit, or $180.00 a year

 * Two Units, or Dual Fuel Unit............$225.00                          $ 130.00 Each visit, or $260.00 a year

   * Three units .....................................$260.00                           $ $156.00 Each visit, or $312.00 a year

                  1 . Any alterations, additions, adjustments or repairs made by others, unless authorized or agreed too by this 
                            Contractor,will be cause to terminate our obligation under this agreement.

                      2. NEITHER PARTY to this agreement shall hold the other responsible for any indirect or consequential damages of         
                           a  commercial nature such as, but not limited to loss of revenue or loss of use of any equipment or facilities.

                      3. The contractor’s maximum liability based upon any claim or cause of action shall not exceed the yearly

                          price of this agreement.

                      4.  Payment shall be as services are rendered,  charged at fifty percent of yearly rate for twice a
                          Year customers.
                       5. The contractor offering this agreement, or the Customer accepting this agreement my terminate the agreement for any
                            reason  upon 30 days notice verbal in person, by phone, email, or in writing.

   I have excepted the agreement circled above:

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